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Debra Qalo
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Debra Qalo - Remax RealestatePutting the Real into Real Estate

Relationship – my ideal client is either a seller or a buyer who know their mind but are willing to work with me to achieve a favourable outcome for all.
A property transaction will often be the biggest life decision you make and deserves every bit of consideration you can garner. Having been in the industry for almost 20 years I feel that I have a realistic view of the expectations of my clients. Firstly there is the buyer who wants all the bells and whistles but doesn’t want to pay for them, then I have the seller who has no bells and whistles yet wants to market their property as though they do. What a conundrum you might say.
Not so say I, this is a challenge and this is where the cream rises and the better agents come to the fore. Educating the client to the world of real estate and keeping it real.
If you are looking for the best outcome for the sale of your property – come to me.
If you are looking for the best home your dollar can buy – come to me and I will hunt it down for you.
I have achieved the highest single transaction sales in the following estates – Old Mango Hill, North Lakes and Hideaway Estate in Burpengary. Been involved in the transaction of several development sites from $500,000 to $4,300,000. At the moment land sales seems to be my forte but my passion is to see mum, dad and the kids being handed the keys to their new life and their new home.
Together, let’s keep the Real in Real Estate.